Our Values

We believe in customer experience!

We help people on what is most important to them.
Go2laptops is a small team of passionate people who help others fix, restore and get new personal computers.

Now some quick facts!

  • Only about 10% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers.
  • The password for the computer controls of nuclear tipped missiles of the U.S was 00000000 for eight years.
  • HP, Microsoft and Apple have one very interesting thing in common – they were all started in a garage.
  • IBM launched RAMAC, 5 megabytes of data weighed a ton and was spread over 50 huge aluminum disks. The disks rotated at speed of 1200 rpm and were leased for $3200.
  • You cannot reverse a bitcoin transaction, or be forced to pay.
  • More than five thousand new computer viruses are released every month.
Who are we?

We believe in customer experience!

Everyone thinks that their company is a great place to work. We stake our lives on this. We believe that we do not deserve dogs* and that instagram should return its chronological order for their feed.

Go2laptops was founded in 2016 in the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California. We are proud to represent the best of startups and the air of entrepreneurs in the valley. Our job is to help others repair the technological tools for our customers that are building their businesses.

At Go2laptops we are multicultural and open with people. We believe that it takes great people to solve big problems.

*we like cats too.

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A Little Of Our Story

We are part of Silicon Valley

We help people repair their computers or acquire new ones. Do not let anything stop you.

At Go2laptops we work to help people with a technical problems with their computers at critical times.

We are proud to be part of San Jose and the Silicon Valley.


2355 Mckee Rd #20B,
San Jose, California